All is made of Stardust and Light…

Our planet is the rarest of jewels, a wondrous miracle.

There is beauty to be found in small and not so small places. Sights that delight, intrigue, fascinate or amaze. Expected and unexpected discoveries. All one has to do is take a moment to look…

Occasionally, if we are lucky, we find ourselves at the right place, at the right time…once in a while we capture that something or someone special, distill a mood or a feeling through the lens of a camera.

 People, landscape, natural or man-made things, the animal kingdom, inanimate objects…all can be part of that moment. Trying to contain it all, albeit fleetingly, in one’s viewfinder can be a challenge but more than that, it is always a pleasure.

Currently, the photographs on these pages have been taken using a simple, small digital camera – a Nikon Coolpix S8000 -  a Samsung Note 8, or a Nikon Coolpix P900, along with a liberal (one hopes) dollop of creativity and my thirst, curiosity and delight in the world that we are all so fortunate to find ourselves in.

I was absolutely delighted to have my photo ‘Iris’ - on the ‘Up-Close’ Gallery - published by National Geographic in early 2019.

 I feel most alive when I am outdoors, exploring the world at large.

I hope that you find something here, on the pages of these galleries, for you to enjoy.